NOFX Heavy Petting Zoo


Inspired by NOFX's "Heavy Petting Zoo" (1996)

Hand crafted in the Chicken Tender Capital of the world, features a Wicked Joyful hologram sticker and genuine Toys R Us price tag. Ships within within 7 - 10 days of ordering.

Given the handcrafted nature of my artwork, each figure may look slightly different than the one pictured. Items are meant to be kept in package, for display only, there's protective cases available in my shop here:

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My NOFX story:

A few figures ago, I mentioned the first show I went to was Rancid in ‘95 at the Avalon in Boston. Less than a year later, I saw NOFX at the same venue. Snuff and the Lunachucks opened the show. Fat Mike came on stage and everyone was telling him to shut up and play a song, I thought he was hilarious tho. There were inflatable sheep bouncing all over the pit. I wanted to buy one of the more vulgar tee’s at the merch table, but I couldn’t wear it to school, so I got the one with a homeless dude on it. Check out my Instagram @WickedJoyful to see teenage me wearing that shirt and a photo taken years later bumping into Erik Melvin in the chip aisle at a Whole Foods in San Francisco. I was in town for a MacWorld conference and he was impressed with my HD camcorder. We chatted about the stage collapsing at a NOFX show in Clinton Massachusetts a decade prior. Melvin invited me to videotape him playing hockey across the street - wish I had the time! 😅 I can’t count how many times I’ve seen the band and I hope to see them on their last run.