Tender Town Banner


Welcome to Manchester, NH "The Chicken Tender Capital of the World" or as we'd like to call it "Tender Town".

The 18" x 18" 5-sided banner was crafted by the good people at Oxford Pennant, known for their high quality work. The banner is purple (New Hampshire's State Bird is the Purple Finch and flower the Purple Lilac) and will look great in your home, office, or classroom.

In stock and shipping now. If your size is sold out, select a pre-order size.

Conceptualized by Wicked Joyful and made into reality with an illustration by YoYoYosef.

More about the Chicken Tender initiative:

"Local Man Requests Mayor and Board of Alderman to Declare City The Chicken Tender Capital of the World"

WBZ Boston "Reporter Matt Visits To The Chicken Tender Capital of the World"

Nick Lavallee Wants to Crown Manchester “The Chicken Tender Capital of the World”

Love Me Tenders: A Chicken Tender Crawl Through Manchester

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